1. Pilgrims' Hostel of St. John of the Cross Roads is a service of pastoral care provided to pilgrims by the Community of Barefoot Carmelite Fathers in Viana do Castelo.

2. The Hostel consists of a dormitory for 12 people and an area of rooms with private bathroom, with 12 beds.

3. Opening and Reception Service: 14:00 - 18:00

4. Close: 22:00

5. Pilgrims identified with the Pilgrim's Credential can use the Hostel.

6. Groups with whom the Convento do Carmo has relations of cooperation and collaboration may also use the facilities, and in situations where the hostel is full, the owner will endeavour to inform the previous two hostels about its inability to provide shelter to other pilgrims.

Priority access
7. Access to the ward will be made in order of arrival. Reservations or organized groups of ten or more pilgrims are not accepted.

8. Access to rooms is reserved for groups and upon request, with a minimum of 24 hours notice, via email:

Identification and registration
9. The hostel has a logbook for pilgrims’ identification.

10. Current rates at the Hostel are:

- Ward: 5,00 € person / night.
- Rooms: 12,00 € person / night.
- Pilgrims in a support car: 15,00 € person / night.

Rights and Duties
11. Stay at the Hostel will be for one night only.

12. Pilgrims must leave the premises by 9:00am but not before 7:00am

13. To facilitate pilgrims’ rest, lights will be turned off at 23:00 pm

14. Smoking is prohibited inside the premises.

15. Noise that might disturb others is to be avoided.

16. Guests should take care of the premises with due diligence.

17. Damage and other losses shall be borne by those responsible.

18. Restraint on the usage of water and electricity is requested.

19. Any disregard for the above rules or any misconduct will require guests to leave the Hostel.

Right of Admission
20. Right of admission is reserved.

21. Any other omission shall be resolved by the Community of the Barefoot Carmelite Fathers.

            Viana do Castelo, 14 December 2010, the Feast of St. John of the Cross.
                Jubilee Year of Compostela.